A shout out to McClure rehab center for taking care of our mother for the last 2 months and continuing to do so with utmost care and dedication.

The place is clean and cheerful. The staff is pleasant, professional, and dedicated.  The management team is caring and accommodating; they listen to our family’s needs and provide the most appropriate and satisfying solution.

McClure has helped make an unfortunate accident to our mother bearable.  We would not hesitate to choose this rehab center again.

Philippe V.

Just left McClure after 2 weeks of rehab after a total knee replacement. Great experience. Small, family-like setting with competent caring staff, excellent PT and OT 7 days a week, and southern cooking (not your typical nursing home food). The nursing staff was very attentive to my needs and concerns both day and night. I was very impressed that every staff member I met, including Social Work, Admissions, Clerical Staff, Activities staff, Kitchen Staff, and Janitor all asked about my rehab, asked how I was doing, and seemed sincerely concerned. It seemed that everyone was part of the treatment team. My rehab was so much better than I anticipated. I will return to McClure for my rehab next year after my 2nd total knee replacement.

Marilyn S.

I was a patient at McClure for the past 3 months. The staff here is superb! They are kind, knowledgeable, and made me feel really comfortable. They always answered all of my questions and never made me feel like a dummy. They always tried to make me feel good and kept me motivated. They always checked on me to see if I had any concerns. The facility and the rooms were very clean. The food was also good. If I ever needed additional food they would give me more. The rehab team is excellent! The therapist will tell you what you are doing and why you are doing it. I learned that you have to listen to them because they know what they are doing. The activities that are provided for the patients are great as well. They always kept me stimulated. Mcclure has been the best skilled nursing facility I have been to and would recommend it to anyone in need of rehab. I have been to a couple of other facilities and this has been the best one. I would definitely recommend Mcclure to my family and friends. If I ever needed to return to a skilled nursing facility I would return here.
Levaile H.

Great experience for my Auntie. The facility was clean and the staff nice. The care there was super. Happy for the kindness they showed during my Aunt’s stay.

Robin S.

Staff are always willing to go above and beyond. Issues are resolved promptly. Lots of good activities, and resident looks happy.

Umah G.

This facility was great. The entire staff was always very helpful no matter what. Whenever I had a doctor’s appointment the staff got me there and was always on time. My room was always kept really clean. The food was good and I learned how to eat my portions appropriately. The physical therapy team was very good and got me walking with a cane.
Richard W.

When I was at McClure they really treated me nice. My physical therapy was good to me and all the nurses. Shante the social worker help me with my social needs and Maggie. If ever needed I would definitely come back here.
Lilli T.

My mother is currently staying at this facility after falling and cracked her pelvis bone.  The place is clean and cheerful. The food is to my mother’s liking. The staff from the high to low level are very attentive and accommodating.  A great experience for us and we highly recommend this rehab center.


My experience at McClure is a great experience at the nursing facility. All of my needs were met to my satisfaction. All of the care provided to me by the staff was excellent. Warm, friendly, and hospitable environment. It was a great therapeutic experience. If I would ever need a nursing service again, McClure would be my first choice and ONLY CHOICE.

Joseph E.